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Pretty Love Carina

Product Description

Pretty love carina – rechargeable is a rabbit vibrator with clitoris stimulator and g-spot curvature, made of velvety, rechargeable silicone, with 7 vibration modes and 5 different intensity levels for intense pleasure.

The modern, luxurious and ergonomic design fits easily into the vagina, touches the g-spot, reaches the clitoris externally and is easy to hold and operate; the glans and the undulations that stimulate the g-spot lead the woman to maximum pleasure by vibrating, while the clitoral stimulator, quite protruding and flexible, is capable of producing multiple orgasms in a few seconds with strong vibrations.


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How to use pretty love carina

  • Open the box and take out the product
  • Plug the usb cable into the vibrator base and recharge for 60 minutes
  • To turn on, hold the button (n) for 2 seconds; the red light will turn on indicating it is on
  • To vibrate, press the vibrate button (n); change the vibrations just by pressing the button (n) again; to increase or decrease the intensity of each type of vibration, press (+) or (-)

Hygiene and precautions – before using the vibrator

  • Remove piercings or jewelry from the area.
  • (-) and (n) located near the elegant metallic handle and the easy-to-connect usb cable at its base, make the carina vibrator an object of female desire;