Clitoris Sucking Vibrator

About the product

CLIT SUCTION STIMULATING—This vacuum clitoris sucking vibrator creates air moving in a swirl which sucks your clit or nipples like a real oral sex pleasure, giving you the most sensational foreplay before moving to the core G-spot orgasm. This tongue vibrator offers 10 optional various modes.

PORTABLE SIZE— This clit vibrator comes in a very handy size which is easy to hold and operate during your pleasure moment, certainly makes it portable to put in your handbag for more passionate moment even you are traveling.

RECHARGEABLE & WATERPROOF—With built-in battery, this clit stimulator is rechargeable using USB cable, saving you the money for buying more batteries. It is completely waterproof, so you can use it in a bathtub, also the cleaning is so much easier.

BODYSAFE & QUIET—Made from food grade silicone, so you can enjoy without worries, soft silky smooth silicone surface for better comfort. Although this clitoral stimulator is powerful, yet it is quiet enough so no one from next door can hear you.

DISCREET SHIPPING—We design discreet package with no product description but logo to help you avoid the possible embarrassed moment. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Enjoy Better Oral Sex

An online survey shows that a lot of men “hit the home run” during the sex process, and ignore the importance of foreplay. It is very unfair for woman, cuz most orgasms are for man to finish his last load of enjoyment. Woman also has the right to have fun and enjoy before man is done. Sex without foreplay is sex without soul. Therefore we designed this clitoris suction vibrator to help increasing women’s foreplay pleasure in intimate life. In sex, every part matters.

This toy is suitable for both solo play and couples games. Use it to suck your nipples, your clit, his balls, and more other ways for you to explore…

Why Choose Adorime Clitoris Sucking Vibrator ?

Mini Size for Easy Carrying

With its pocket size design, it is convenient for you to bring this vibe with you whenever you are on a trip.

USB Rechargeable

This clitoral sucking vibrator is designed with built-in battery, so that you don’t need to spend money on buying more batteries, you can easily charge it using our usb cable.



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Inside the Box:

1 x Clit Sucking Vibrator

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Storing Pouch