6pcs Sexy Dice Game


Looking for something fun to try with your partner? These sexy dice might be great for bringing back the chemistry in your love life because everybody wins in this game! You get a total of 6 dice – 2 with a body part, 2 with an action to perform, and 2 with sex positions to try. Roll one with a body part, together with another with action, and perform the action on the body part that comes up (i.e., lick + thigh). Switch it up on the next turn and use the sex position dice or a different combination of the body part and action dice for some variety.

Actions include: lick, suck, blow, touch, nip, bite, pat,

Body parts include: thigh, breast, navel, ass, neck, ears, hand, lips


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What included in the package?(1set=6pcs)


  • 1 pair of 16MM luminous
  • 1 pair of 20MM black and white
  • 1pcs 20MM luminous posture
  • 1pcs black posture printed on 12 sides
  • 1 Velvet bag
  • 1 OPP bag