Mouth Neck Hand Cuffs


Explore BDSM with this basic sexual restraint! Fulfil your fantasies, role play, and have extreme submissive sex with these wrist and ankle bondage cuffs!

One size fit most, adjustable size for comfortable and secure wear! The buckles accommodate the needs of you and your partner for the perfectly snug fit.

Soft, safe, non-poisonous and durable high quality PU material, easy to clean.


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Features & details

  • Bondage Restraint ties the Hands Behind the User’s Back which Securing a Mouth Gag with Neck Collar
  • Stout and durable material, restrict freedom of your partner with compulsive constraints of hands
  • Adjustable size and tightness, suitable for both men and women
  • Soft and comfortable sponge cuffs with strong Velcro, easy to put on/take off
  • Professional SM Bondage Suit with Detachable Wrist Handcuffs, Allowing for more Flexible Use in Games.