Vagina And Pussy Teeth Tongue Masturbation Cup


A high quality deep throat blowj0b is definitely more than one man’s idea of heaven, and this super sexy masturbator places that fantasy (literally) in the palm of your hand.

Make sure you get you sucked exactly how you like it! With a textured exterior that allows you to maintain a firm grip, this stretchy stroker is easy to thrust up and down on your shaft as hard and fast as you want! Use a generous amount of lube to savor the wet, You’ll love the sensation as you slide against the ribbed roof of this mouth and deep into the back of her throat!


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Product Details

  • MATERIAL: Made of soft and safe TPE material that is pliable like real skin, giving a lifelike feeling with every thrust.
  • STURDY TEETH: Perfectly adhere to the palate and mandible WITHOUT FALLING OFF, moderate hardness with strictly polished process strokes your shaft for extra authenticity.
  • INBUILT TONGUE: Sexy pink color, dedicatedly kiss and lick your little brother, with harder erection and more lasting climax.
  • LIPSA pretty pair of lips for you to slide your dick past, soft teeth for grazing past the spots that drive you wild, a soft, pliable tongue that wants to lick you.
  • EMULATIONAL INNER CHANNEL: Equipped with multi rugged wrinkles, lines and convex particles inside, as if you are making love with the tightest virgin.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Directly rinse the surface and wash the channel under a water facet for repeated use.