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Erotixxx Couples Game

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You might lose control when playing ErotiXXX, but you won’t be the only one since it takes two to tango!

ErotiXXX is an adult board game that will guide you through a series of erotic tasks and challenges that cater to a wide variety of dirty desires.

Your sexual endurance will be put to the test as you make your way around the board and the temptation to orgasm rises. You’ll be aroused over and over again from start to finish, but try to stay in control and prolong your pleasure for as long as possible – this will build up a mind-blowingly satisfying climax that will be well worth the wait!


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What’s included with ErotiXXX:

  • 1x game board
  • 1x blindfold
  • 3x decks of challenge cards
  • 2x tokens
  • 1x 6-sided die

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