A Year Of Sex Positions Card Games

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Sex position cards great for endless fun. Think about it, why should you be doing just that same style every time? Eventually, it’ll get boring. This sex position card is new and exciting.

Tired of doing sex the same old, boring way? Look no further, bring your lust and fantasies to reality.

This Sex Position Cards has a deck of 50cards i.e 50 different sex positions tricks and tips that are guaranteed to make you orgasm. Each sex card is colour coded for different scenarios, so whatever the bedroom dilemma is just pick a card and discover a host of new positions that leaves doggy style in the dust.

These sex position cards have been tagged not only to reignite the sex life in relationships but also to help couples understand themselves better and explore more things and journey together to cloud 9.

Key Features 

  • Deck of 50 cards
  • Great for spicing up couple play
  • An ideal Erotic gift
  • Tasteful design and clear image

P.S: It can be played in 3 different ways (instruction is inside).


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